We work with any text or help devise new material. We offer a range of experience, knowledge and an eye for specifics. The unwritten and the unsaid is a vital part of our process. We help artists/creators get to the core of what they want to express, and set it into form/style. What do you want to express? What do you think you are expressing? What is the audience’s perception? We work from character, story and circumstance. Dynamics and musicality combined with presence, aesthetics and form.

See below for examples of work.

The High Life
Circus/movement piece, duo trapeze.
Performers: Lalla and the Amazing Other. Choreography by performers and director together. Director: Hilde Veronika Östensson.


Movement piece, trio. All blues music.
Performers: Crmco.
Director: Peppe Östensson.
Choreography by Crmco & Peppe Östensson


Movement piece, solo. Original music, live song, very little text.
Performer and music: Hilde Östensson.
Director: Peppe Östensson
Choreograpy by Hilde & Peppe Östensson

Århundradets Kärlekssaga

Monologue/movement piece. Text by Märta Tikkanen.
Performer: Iiris Laaneoks.
Director: Maria Winton and Peppe Östensson.
AD: Hilde Östensson.