In 2014, Hilde Veronika Östensson graduated as part of the first class of the newly founded Acting and Collaborative Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst, a 2-year international professional training program in physical theatre. Since then she has made her living as an actress, singer, director, choreographer and teacher, internationally.

Hilde has taught movement, voice and dramatic combat at among other Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol, England, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, Mr. Pejo's Wandering Dolls in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Worlds Certification and Teachers Conference in Dramatic Combat in Toronto, Canada, Oslo Metropolitan University in Oslo, Norway.

Some of her credits as a performer include: “Heartquakes” (singer & dancer, composer & choreographer, directed by Peppe Östensson) “Love me Tender, Love me True” (actress, directed by Lennart Peep), “Hjärtbävningar” (performance for Östgötateatern’s charity Gala, accompanied by Jan Erik Sääf), “Konsert for Fredheim” (classical & contemporary solo vocal, accompanied by Ellen Sejerstedt Bødtker and Torfinn Hoffart), "SciWalk" (voice artist on several characters, directed by Lennart Peep).

Some of her credits as a director include: "Föreställningar om Vera och världen" (musical drama, co-director), "The High Life", (trapeze and theatre performance, director), “Århundradets Kärlekssaga” (monologue, assistant director), "Caroline: Den sidste rejse" (feature film, first assistant director), "Zorro" (director & choreographer).

She has choreographed fights for among others: “Fiddler on the roof” at Malmö Opera, “Scenes from a Marriage”, "Waiting for Godot" and "Noises Off" at Östgötateatern and “Revolution” at Ung Scen/Öst in Sweden, “Kristinspelet” and “Maridalsspillet” in Norway and “Sigurd fighting the dragon” at Teatr Groteska in Poland. She assisted Fight Director Brad Waller at the Washington Operas production of “Appomattox” in 2015.

Hilde has trained ballet and jazz dance for 10 years and dramatic combat since 2000. She is a certified teacher with the Nordic Stage Fight Society and a Honorary Fight Director with Fight Directors Canada. She was given the Bear Scholarship Award by the International Order of the Sword and the Pen in Banff, Canada in 2015. She has trained Wudang Practical Tai Chi with Mikael Wallin, a 2-time European Champion.

Hilde graduated from the European Film College in 2004 and continued to work in the Danish movie industry where she among other things edited "Caroline: Den sidste rejse". She graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a BA in musicology and music/arts management in 2012, and has performed as a singer since childhood.

She is currently co-writing the book "The Unwritten, the Unsaid - Inner Knowing and Creative and Pedagogical Processes" together with Peppe Östensson.